precarious writer


Sun, 5/17/2020

Let blatant audacity be our hallmark.

Let us dream beyond our capacity to imagine, let us set unobtainable goals, and hold ourselves to unattainable standards.

Let us commit to an impossible task.

And then: let us go out and fail until we lose the fear of failure. Let us be naïve. After all, we are still too young to realize that certain things are impossible — so let us do them anyway.

Years from now, when we look back at our youth; let us wonder at how we greatly dared, how naïve we were in our sincerity and in our yearnings to make a difference.

Let us be amazed at the great odds we took on, by the great feats we accomplished, and if our fate is such, let us at least look back at how bravely we fell and went back out in search of another dose of failure — how futile it was, yet how fulfilling.